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What is the reason for the failure of the roller conveyor?

2022-02-17 10:52:35 浙江帝浩科技股份有限公司 Viewd 481

The roller conveyor is professionally used for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other goods. Since there is a joint gap between the roller and the roller in the roller conveyor to transport small items, it is necessary to use a pallet to transport. The main body of the conveyor is mainly composed of transmission rollers, racks, brackets, drives and other parts.

With the development of science and technology, the application of roller conveyors in various economic fields in my country makes today's production enterprises generally choose to use conveying equipment to improve production operations. At the same time, the roller conveyor can also develop, design and manufacture the accessories of the conveying equipment according to the requirements of automatic production materials and the difference of logistics transportation. The design structure of the roller conveyor is very simple, its operation reliability is relatively high, and the use and maintenance in daily production operations are also very convenient. However, there are also some problems in conveying materials for a long time, which makes the roller conveyor unable to operate normally. Therefore, it is particularly important and urgent to be able to clearly identify the problem at this time. No matter it is any machine, It is impossible to work endlessly. When each machine fails, the following summarizes the reasons why the roller conveyor cannot operate normally.

1. The brake of the roller conveyor is damaged, resulting in the inability to perform normal parking;

2. The brake command of the roller conveyor cannot be transmitted, which is generally the damage of the operating brake switch;

3. The power transmission system of the roller conveyor fails to cut off the power in time;

4. The air pressure of the roller conveyor is abnormal, which is generally manifested in air leakage or blockage of the trachea;

5. The friction belt of the roller conveyor is loose or the friction factor is reduced;

6. The connection method of the stator winding of the roller conveyor may be incorrect, the insulation of the winding to the ground is aging, the starting current is too large and unbalanced and the sound is loud, which will cause the protection device to act and cut off the power supply;

7. Sometimes the roller conveyor emits strong noise and local heat. This is mainly because the starting torque of the AC motor is small, it cannot start when there is a load, and the motor stops when the load increases;

8. Another is that the AC motor of the roller conveyor has no starting torque, or it cannot start when it is empty, and it makes an abnormal sound.