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Conveyor classification and application environment

2022-02-17 10:52:56 浙江帝浩科技股份有限公司 Viewd 338

Let’s start with the composition of the belt conveyor system software: belt conveyor is a key bulk raw material transportation and loading and unloading handling machinery and equipment, which can be widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, decorative building materials, chemical plants, power engineering , food industry and other industrial production industries. Leather machinery can be widely used in coal mining, metal mining, steel industry, seaport, chemical plant and other places. Conveying machinery can not only transport bulk raw materials, but also raw materials for finished products. However, depending on the application site, office environment and the type of raw materials to be transported, there are very big differences in the design scheme and application.

Contemporary conveyors have higher requirements for system anti-fouling. Therefore, sprinkler and dust collector equipment is set at each connection, and anti-wind hoods or wind panels are set along the tape conveyor. The system software consists of a stand-alone version. The actual operation and maintenance personnel in the work of the whole system software should not only focus on the stand-alone version, but also master the interconnection among the system software. It is in an excellent operating state to ensure the stable operation of the machinery and equipment.

We generally meet various working standards according to the application site of the belt conveyor, the office environment, the technical characteristics and the type of raw materials to be transported. In addition to the common general-purpose belt conveyors, there are also a variety of belt conveyors with new structures, among which the symbolic keys are: large inclined angle belt conveyors, grooved belt conveyors, clamping machines, tubular belt conveyors , Air cushion cc belt conveyor, floor plan turning belt conveyor, line friction belt conveyor, corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, etc.

According to the main purpose, there are general-purpose mobile, mine selection type, open-pit coal mine mobile type, chemical structure type, movable conveyor, loading and cutting machine switching type, large inclined angle type conveyor, etc., general short-circuit processing plants The inner conveyor can be transported horizontally, left and right, the reversible pattern design conveyor can double transport raw materials, the overhang machine is generally installed in the deposition machine and can be rotated to complete the effect of soil dumping and fabrics, the elevated road machine at the support point of the gantry is generally Use with other bulk processing equipment

It is classified according to the type of raw materials transported, including belt conveyors for general loose raw materials, hard raw materials and bulk raw materials. It is classified according to the position of the installation section of the conveyor belt, including the double conveyor with the installation section of the transmission belt at the upper end and the lower side and the installation section at the upper end and the lower side at the same time. The application of double conveyors can transport the raw materials on the upper and lower sides respectively, but in order to maintain the surface of the raw materials does not change, the nylon belts must be rotated on time.