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What are the ways to improve the service life of belt conveyors?

2022-02-17 10:52:10 浙江帝浩科技股份有限公司 Viewd 342

The belt conveyor is composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a roller, a transmission device, etc. It is driven by the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt to convey the material. The conveyor belt is the main component of the traction bearing material. It must not only have sufficient strength, but also corresponding bearing capacity. It is characterized by a compact structure, which can increase the wrap angle and increase the traction force that can be transmitted by the drive roller. When using double-drum transmission, multiple motors can be driven respectively, and gear transmission can make the two drums run at the same speed. This illustrates the importance of conveyor belts to belt conveyors. So, how to improve the service life of the belt conveyor?

The transmission device is the part that transmits the power of the belt conveyor. The gearing is covered with a smooth bare steel finish and herringbone and diamond rubber. Bare steel surfaces can be used for low power consumption, small bandwidth and dry environments. Herringbone rubber has a high surface friction coefficient and good drainage, but it is directional, so it is necessary to adjust the running direction of its equipment during use. According to the working environment and the characteristics of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor should be correctly selected to improve its service life.

Secondly, the joint quality of the conveyor belt directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt. Commonly used joint methods are mechanical joints, cold bonded joints and hot vulcanized joints. According to the actual operation, the hot vulcanized joint is stable and the conveyor belt has a long service life.

The design of the belt conveyor should be rationalized, especially the size of the rollers, the transmission form and the transportation connection between the equipment are directly related to the smooth operation of the conveyor belt, thus affecting the service life of the conveyor belt.

In addition, the belt conveyor is mainly supported by the radial ball bearing labyrinth sealing structure and the plastic sealing ring. During the use process, it is necessary to ensure that the working force of the belt conveyor idler is reasonable, the dustproof effect is good, and the resistance is reduced. In addition, easy disassembly and maintenance can reduce the running cost of the conveyor.

In the same way, the belt conveyor should ensure the accuracy requirements of logistics transportation in the daily work process. Such as stamping, the internal control accuracy of the bearing seat should reach level 3, the dimensional tolerance, coaxiality and ovality of both ends of the tube body should meet the standards, and strict quality inspection should be carried out before the product leaves the factory.

Belt conveyor is an important production equipment for production enterprises. In order to ensure the normal operation of production, it is necessary to strengthen the management and maintenance of such equipment. Before moving the belt conveyor, make full preparations, strictly check the operating environment of the power transmission system, clean the surrounding environment, ensure that there are no sundries, dirt, and whether the pipes are neat.