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  • Logistics System

    Deehero Technology provides anywhere, anytime,

    Adopt industrial intelligent management system, fast and convenient way.

    System Features

    • The daily operation of logistics and transportation is integrated.

    • Logistics operation is more convenient and fast.

    • Reduce erroneous output.

    • Strong separability, the subsystem obeys the operation of the upper system.

    • Service serialization improves the decision-making support of service teams.

    • The organization is networked and scaled to ensure a slightly optimized inventory level and distribution throughout the logistics distribution network.

    Logistics System
  • Whole Plant Logistics Information

    Provide customized overall solutions

    Provide one-stop overall solution

    Whole Plant Logistics Information
  • Local Logistics Information

    Logistics solutions for local areas such as workshops and warehouses

    The original production line upgrade and transformation plan in the local area of the factory

    Intelligent tandem solution between each process

    Logistics solutions for the storage, distribution and transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products

    Local Logistics Information