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Fully Automatic Slicer


1. The slicing machine is suitable for round pressing or flat pressing die-cutting machine, there are two different sizes of 1700 mm and 2100 mm.

2. A single slicing machine can break the connecting points connecting the paper sheets in the same direction.

3. The mechanism of pressing and breaking consists of two clamps, one is fixed and the other is rotating. The connection point to be cut is automatically placed between the two clamping bases by the machine to clamp the paper stack. The rotating clamping base clamps the paper stack and then pulls the cardboard to break the connection point. The rotating action of the rotating clamp base is determined by cylinder to achieve.

4. Drive the flat belt for automatic conveying of paper stacks.

5. The on-line operation of a typical flat die-cutting machine requires slicing in both vertical and horizontal directions. Therefore, two paper stack slicing machines are generally used in a straight line or 90-degree arrangement. Different combinations of slicing machines can satisfy Contiguous form of various cardboards.

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